Penguin Drop Caps Series by Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley.

Jessica Hische and Paul Buckley have collaborated on an exciting new project, a series of cover designs for classic literature featuring Jessica’s Drop Caps. The first six titles, below, look pretty amazing.

Check you favorite one here:



Here’s a preview of the new zine I’ll be selling at SPX!

Common Curses & Blessings is a 2-in-1 mini-zine about the most mundane and insignificant things the universe throws at you. They probably shouldn’t even have an impact on your day, but they totally do.

Read it facing one way, and you’ll read about the curses. Flip it over and read about the blessings. You’ll just have to come to SPX and see how it works!

2-color risograph printed, 4.25” x 5.5”. 16 pages, 8 curses, 8 blessings. Come to table A12 and check it out!



Architectural model for the proposed Reading Room of the British Museum - Sydney Smirke and Alfred Stevens, ca. 1853 (made)

Wood, cardboard and plaster: Height: 58.5 cm, Width: 106.7 cm

Following the completion of the British Museum by Sir Robert Smirke (1781-1867) it soon became obvious that space allocated for new books for the library would be insufficient. Two new storage rooms built in the intervening years did not alleviate the problem. The Librarian at the British Museum at the time, Antonio Panizzi, suggested the purchase of further additional land in Russell Square, but this idea was rejected because of the expense. However, in 1852 Panizzi suggested another option accepted by the Museum authorities, that of placing a building in the Museum’s inner quadrangle. Sydney Smirke was the architect of the scheme and the contractors Messrs Baker & Fielder. Panizzi asked Alfred Stevens (whose major works include the Wellington Monument in Westminster Abbey) to design the interior painted and with sculptural decoration but this did not come to fruition. [x]